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Wright Publishing Group is big enough to serve you, yet small enough to really know you and understand your publishing mission. WPG offers clients a full-service approach to creating new publications, improving existing ones and providing branded marketing collateral.


Publication Content Development

Creative ideas, article development, research, content generation, writing, copyediting, proofing, publication management, story boarding, etc.


Graphic Design

Page layout is our specialty. Custom publications in print and digital formats, books, guides, advertisements, newsletters, brochures, posters, sales flyers, ebooks, catalogs, etc.


Image searches, custom photography, custom audio (text-to-speech overlay), and anything needed to provide a rich media experience within publications.


Print & Digital Publishing

We provide affordable pricing for print projects through our commercial network, oversee mailhouse, hosting for digital versions, email notifications, email marketing campaigns, email surveys/polling, etc.



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